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This page will detail our base pricing and potential additional charges. New prices were implemented starting Sept 15, 2021. It had been over three years since we last had a price increase. Thanks for helping keep us in business.

Old Pricing - Traditional Clinic

Half-Day $199
Full-Day $299
Two-Days $550
Three-Days $799
Four-Days $1075
One-Week $1299

Old Pricing - Franchise Clinic

(i.e. The Joint, etc)

Full-Day $225
$3/pt treated

New Pricing - Traditional Clinic

Half-Day $225
Full-Day $325
$30/Day Booking Charge 
(See refund policy below**)

New Pricing - Franchise Clinic

(i.e. The Joint, etc)

Full-Day $250
$4/pt treated 
$30/Day Booking Charge 
(See refund policy below**)

Additional Potential Charges

Last Minute Scheduling Charge

The time required for Locum Chiropractic to coordinator and setup coverage for a booking makes is a greater challenge to manage last minute booking requests. Often times it is more work to fulfill a booking that comes with short notice. Therefore, we implement a Last Minute Booking Charge. These fees operate as follows:

- Regular Pricing: On bookings requested more than two days before the booking dates (2 days or more)
- 10% last minute charge: Bookings requested within two days (48 hrs or less) of the booking dates: a 10% last minute charge will be added to the invoice total.


Late Cancellation Charge

In the situation where Locum Chiropractic has secured one of our Locum Doctors to cover your clinic and has confirmed that coverage with the clinic, and then the clinic cancels that coverage with less than 48 hours of notice, a Late Cancellation Charge/Fee will be invoiced. This fees operate as follows:

- Free cancellation: On bookings canceled more than two days before the booking dates (2 days or more). The original $30 booking fee will be retained. No additional Cancellation Fee will be charged. 
- Late Cancellation: Coverage bookings cancelled less than two days (48 hrs or less) from the booking dates, then 50% of the coverage base cost will be invoiced (ex. if the full day coverage base cost is $325, the late cancellation fee is $162.50). This fee is to cover the cost our L
ocum doctors incur by having lost revenue at other Locum work opportunities, or at their own clinic, that could have been made if greater cancellation notice had been given.  

Holiday Charge

Because of the high demand for coverage around different holidays throughout the year, it requires more of Locum Chiropractic and our Doctors. Therefore, we add a 10% Holiday Booking Fees to booking requests that schedule on or within five business days of the following holidays. 

- July 4th
- Thanksgiving
- Christmas

Mileage Charge

Often our Doctors have to drive a long way to help cover clinics. This travel time adds hours to their work day and expense for gas, plus wear and tear on their vehicle. The following are our mileage charges.

- Mileage charge 40: For Doctors that drive 40-60 miles round trip we add a $20 charge to the invoice.
- Mileage charge 60: For Doctors that drive 60-80 miles round trip we add a $30 charge to the invoice.

- Mileage charge 80: For Doctors that drive 80-100 miles round trip we add a $40 charge to the invoice.

- Mileage over 100 miles round trip will be managed on an individual bases

Overage Charges


Traditional Clinics:
We have always had overage charges when the amount of patients treated or hours worked exceeds our base amount for a half or full day coverage. These base amounts on a half day are 4 clinical hours and 10 patients treated. For a full day they are 8 clinical hours and 20 patients treated. The overage charges are as follows:

- Hours Overage Charge: $45/hr for every clinical hour worked over the base of either 4 or 8 depending.
- Patient Count Overage Charge: $12/pt for patients treated over the base of either 10 or 20 depending.


Franchise Clinics:

We have always charged franchise clinic on a per-patient basis. The new price is $4/patient treated or examined.

**Refunds of new Booking Charge

This new Booking Charge of $30/day will be collected upfront when booking your coverage dates online (i.e. 3 dates of coverage would have a total of $90 Booking Charge). This charge is generally non-refundable. We will refund 50% of the Booking Charge if the situation presents itself where none of your requested days are able to be covered. As example, this means that if three coverage days were requested and we were able to cover at least some of three days, then the entire $90 Booking Charge will be retained. If all three of the coverage days are not fulfilled, then $45 of the initial $90 will be refunded. 

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