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Supporting you and your patients in different ways

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Expand Hours

Expanding your clinic hours is one way we can help. Most clinics want to grow, but are not in a position to bring on an associate or partner.  Our Locum Chiropractors can give your clinic the flexibility to be open for an additional full day, weekend hours, or extended morning or evening hours without hiring a full time associate.  These new hours can make you additional income while your stress stays the same. 

Time to Recover

Everyone needs to take a break, but no one wants to lose money while they are away.  Whether you are taking a vacation or have an unexpected leave for illness, injury, or family emergency, we can help.  Keep your doors open and your patients’ care moving forward for as long as you you need by utilizing our Locum Chiropractors.

Share the Load

Starting a clinic or broadening your existing one is a tasking experience. Managerial needs can take a large portion of your time. Temporarily hiring one of our Locum Chiropractors to provide care for your patients will allow you to get caught up on your obligations. 

Currently Serving

Salt Lake County

Utah County

Davis County

Wasatch County

Summit County

What does "Locum" mean?




  1. a person who stands in temporarily for someone else of the same profession, especially a cleric or doctor.

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